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I love them

they’re wondering what he’s looking for

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It’s that time of year again

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damn….. ash is shredded as fuck

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“Trout Fishing, Mill Brook, Lunenburg County”
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These are all channels you should scroll through during midnight. 

  1. YouTube Channel 666: A video went viral addressing this YouTube channel as some demonic possessed channel. What happens is someone tries to find the YouTube channel 666, but YouTube repeatedly tells them this page does not exist. After many refreshes something strange begins to happen.
  2. MarbleHornets: A documentary styled film, that’s 4-5 years in the making. It has to do with Slenderman. I linked you to a post that does a better job of describing this. Enjoy.
  3. Cyriak: A professional freelance animator from the UK that uses Photoshop and After Effects to make the creepiest and strangest animations. 
  4. Salad FingersAn animation series that revolves around a thin, green man and his endeavors. It incorporates psychological & dark humor. 
  5. Edarem: The channel of an old man who lip syncs to songs. Although he seems a little odd one may cast him off as harmless. Too bad he’s a registered sex offender. 
  6. ChildrenRScaryKaty Towell makes cartoons about scary little children. Each video is a new scary with a creepy plot. Her voice, the drawings makes it all the more spine-tingling. 
  7. DawaltHorrorThe YouTube channel home to some of the most amazing short creepy films. I recommend scrolling through and watching some of them. 
  8. EverymanHYBRID: Another documentary stile film that takes heavy influence from MarbleHornets. It makes use of both Slenderman & the Rake. 
  9. Dark5A YouTube channel that is a video form of top creepy top 5 lists. Informative and morbid. I like it. 
  10. FoundMedia23A YouTube channel of a dude who  guy who bought a set of old cassetes on a garage sale for $5. The footage contains some intense material. He gets so freaked with what he sees that he decides to digitalize and post what he found. 

Be sure to check out my masterpost of everything creepy for more lists like these. 

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Different maturity levels masterpost

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